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Disaster Recovery Project

About DRNC’s Disaster Recovery Project

DRNC’s Disaster Recovery Project helps people with disabilities who have been impacted by a disaster, such as a hurricane or flood.  We help with finding housing. We can connect them with organizations that provide services and resources they need. When people have urgent disaster-related needs, we can help immediately and in real-time. Our team monitors shelters during a disaster to make sure people with disabilities have what they need. We also work within communites and with stakeholders to make sure individuals with disabilities are included in planning and responding to natural disasters.

How we help during a disaster

  • Monitoring shelters to make sure people with disabilities have what they need for their disability, including accommodations, food,  and medical supplies.
  • Making sure shelters and temporary housing are accessible.
  • Advocating for people who are denied accommodations, such as special food or service animals.
  • Providing assistance quickly to meet urgent needs.


We can help you recover from a past disaster. We can help you prepare for the next storm. Contact us if you need more information or assistance.

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Our Disaster Project Work:

Hurricane Florence Report:


NC Disability Rights Interview with North Carolina Reading Service – Senior Attorney, Disaster Relief Project Supervisor Iris Green and Disaster Relief Advocate Curtis Hill discuss storm and disaster preparation.

Sponsors and Funding

In 2018, the US Congress created Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) funds to help states impacted by disasters that happened form 2015 – 2017. DRNC is helping North Carolinians prepare for future storms with Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) funds.

Local governments, businesses, residents, and other community members are encouraged to share feedback on how CDBG-MIT funds can help the most people and protect the most at-risk areas. Submit your comments to Learn more at

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