What We Do

We make sure people with disabilities know their civil rights. We help them protect their rights. DRNC is North Carolina’s protection and advocacy agency.

DRNC gives free legal help and information to people with disabilities in North Carolina. We also visit places where you live, work and go to school to make sure you are safe and treated fairly. We work to make sure you get the supports you need to live as independently as possible. We provide tools and information to help you advocate for yourself, or a family member. We advocate and lobby to improve services and health care. We also take on legal cases to end discrimination and abuse.

Our Advocacy Work

DRNC advocates for people with disabilities across different disability rights issues.

Advocacy Targets

Targets guide the work of our legal teams and provide the structure for how we spend our resources.

Cases and Reports

Check out some of DRNC’s most recent cases.

Amicus Assistance

Learn what an amicus brief is, and how DRNC uses amicus assistance to further our mission.