About DRNC's Disaster Recovery Project:


How does Disability Rights NC help survivors with disabilities?


Disability Rights Disaster Recovery Project has a team of two people who provide advocacy, information and referrals, technical assistance and resources to people with disabilities and their families who have been impacted by a disaster, such as a hurricane or flood. We work with allies, and other organizations to assist disaster-impacted individuals with disabilities.  We provide real-time assistance to people with disabilities seeking assistance with immediate and urgent disaster-related needs during a federally declared disaster. We also monitor shelters during a disaster to check on people with disabilities to advocate for them and protect their rights.

Gather your important documents and prepare an emergency kit.


Use these resources to help you organize and make sure you have all important documents and supplies gathered in a safe place.

Emergency Disaster Supply List for People with Functional and Access Needs

Are your documents secure?

Emergency Disaster Supply List for People with Functional and Access Needs - Spanish

Are your documents secure? - Spanish

Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition - Disaster Preparedness Plan

Create your family emergency plan

Disaster Assistance Form

North Carolina Fair Housing for Tenants with Disabilities


Disaster Management planner book with post it that says "?"

Know who to contact.


NC Emergency Management:

The local emergency manager has the responsibility for coordinating emergency management programs and activities, including managing resources before, during, and after a major emergency or disaster. They can assist with transportation if a person needs transportation to a shelter or let them know where the local shelter is for that area.  If the area is instructed to “shelter in place” people can call them if they need resources, food, supplies.

County Emergency Management Agencies

Local Emergency Manager Contact List

Portlight Strategies:

Port Light Strategies Hotline for people with disabilities and people with functional and access needs

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Disaster Preparation Resources:


**Important information about Immigrations and Customs Enforcement during evacuations**

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued the following statement on safety and enforcement during Hurricane Dorian:

"U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are concerned about the potential impact of Hurricane Dorian to portions of the East Coast. Our highest priority remains the preservation of life and safety. In consideration of these circumstances, there will be no immigration enforcement initiatives associated with evacuations or sheltering related to the storm, except in the event of a serious public safety threat."


US Census Bureau Dorian Tracking and Updates

North Carolina Emergency Management (updates and maps)

Ready NC (where to find information on shelters)

United Way 211( evacuation routes)

American Red Cross

Hurricane Updates with Ready.Gov


Legal Aid of North Carolina

National Disaster Legal Aid Resource Center

NC Centers For Independent Living

Rx Open - Rx Open helps patients find nearby open pharmacies in areas impacted by disaster. Combining multiple data feeds from the pharmaceutical industry, Rx Open displays the precise location on Google Maps of open pharmacies, closed pharmacies, and those whose status is unknown. This critical information assists government officials in assessing an emergency's impact on public health in a disaster area.

North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (promoting independence for people with disabilities through access to technology)

Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP)

United Way 211 (resources)



Contact your local emergency management first to find out about emergency transportation during evacuation.


Report Disaster Related Scams/Price Gouging/:

NC DOJ - Consumer Safety



Our Disaster Project Work:


Florence Report Cover: The Storm After the Storm


Hurricane Florence Report:

DRNC Report_The Storm after the Storm 2.5.19


NC Disability Rights Interview with North Carolina Reading Service - Senior Attorney, Disaster Relief Project Supervisor Iris Green and Disaster Relief Advocate Curtis Hill discuss storm and disaster preparation.