DHSR inspection records from 2017-2023

This table outlines DHSR inspection records from 2017-2019, and facility deaths organized by county from 2017-2020.  This table will be updated as DRNC receives and reviews inspection reports and reports of deaths.  For definitions of terms used in the chart, please consult our recent report(link) on DHSR inspections statewide.  If you would like access to the reports themselves or any other public record information relating to jail deaths or inspections, please contact Luke Woollard at luke.woollard@disabilityrightsnc.org with the subject line “Jail Public Record Request”, or call 919-446-3725

2021 Jail Populations and Capacity

2022 Jail Population and Capacity Jan-Aug

2023 Jail Population and Capacity (Full)

This data set shows monthly average jail populations as reported by the jail administrators.  DRNC has compared these averages to the known design capacities to show these average monthly populations as a percentage of design capacity for each facility.  Any facility operating at above 100% design capacity is in violation of the Jail Rules. Per advocates and corrections experts, jails get increasingly dangerous for both staff and those in custody as jail populations exceed 80% of total design capacity.