Paimi Council

What is the PAIMI Advisory Council?

How PAIMI started

In 1986, Congress took aim at abuse, neglect, and other rights violations against people with mental health disabilities.  As a result of this focus, congress passed the Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) Act. Years later, in 2000, Congress expanded the PAIMI Act’s focus from facilities only.  Due to these changes, the PAIMI Act also includes the community. The PAIMI Act allows DRNC to investigate abuse and neglect against people with mental health disabilities and to advocate for their legal rights.

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Consequently, The PAIMI Act requires each P&A to maintain and work with a PAIMI Advisory Council (PAC). The PACs advise the P&As “on policies and priorities to be carried out in protecting and advocating the rights of individuals with mental illness.”


Therefore, PACs must include:

  • Consumers of mental health services
  • Family members
  • Mental health professionals
  • Mental health service providers
  • Individuals who are knowledgeable about mental illness
  • Attorneys

Sixty percent of the PAC members must be individuals who have received or are receiving mental health services, or their family members. Furthermore, the PAC must also be led by an individual who has received or is receiving mental health services, or who is a family member.

What does PAIMI do?

DRNC’s PAIMI Advisory Council (PAC) advises our board and staff about issues in the mental health community. Their work also includes helping to form our mental health advocacy plan. In addition, the PAC participates in DRNC’s annual priority setting process. To do this they obtain input from the mental health community, and finally, provide recommendations to our Board of Directors. Lastly, the PAC also files an annual report that describes our mental health advocacy activities and effectiveness.

DRNC’s PAC members come from around the state. They act as our ambassadors in the mental health community. Even more, they help us learn about issues facing people with mental health disabilities.  Importantly, they also help us educate the public about DRNC’s mental health advocacy work.

DRNC’s PAIMI Advisory Council Members:

  • Gaile Osborne of Swannanoa – Chair
  • Jeff McLoud of Kinston – Vice-Chair
  • Madeline Jaekle of Greensboro – Treasurer
  • Bethany Smith of Greenville – Secretary
  • Laura Beja of Durham
  • Tracy Boggiano of Cary
  • Carol Cannon of Greenville
  • Cherene Caraco of Charlotte
  • Cari Carson of Durham
  • Ashley Deminski of Washington
  • Davious Lee of Charlotte

How to get involved

If you want to serve on the PAIMI Advisory Council, then please complete and submit an application. First, download the application in PDF or Word format. Next, fill out the application completely.  Then, please send your application to Enid Gonzalez at

If you would like to attend a PAIMI meeting,  call 877-235-4210.  Or, send us an email at for more information.

Above all, we appreciate your interest!