Employment Rights

The passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) promised a new era of economic progress for people with disabilities. Yet, in NC only one-third of adults with disabilities are employed. Many of them are underemployed. DRNC can help you understand your employment rights. We advocate to eliminate the barriers that prevent you from finding or keeping jobs. And we work to end workplace discrimination. 

How we help improve employment opportunities 

  • Enforcing your right to be free from workplace discrimination. 
  • Advocating for effective, personalized training services.
  • Advocating for services that help you find competitive and integrated jobs.  
  • Working to increase the knowledge and use of work incentives for people who get social security and Medicaid.

Examples of our work

  • Successfully advocated for a state agency to use a program that helps workers with disabilities stay on Medicaid;
  • Helped workers with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations, such as using personal aides at work. 
  • Improved vocational rehabilitation training services throughout the State. 

 Our strategies

  • Individual representation  
  • Impact litigation 
  • Training and outreach  
  • Educating policy makers   

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Self-Help Tools

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We work to improve training opportunities so you can get a good job. And we want you to work in a place that includes people with and without disabilities. Your employer should pay you the same as they pay other people in your job. 

Employment Rights at a Glance

You have the right to:

  • Ask for reasonable accommodations to help you with your disability
  • Have equal access to your workplace
  • Be free of workplace discrimination

Employment Resources and News

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Moving Into the Economic Mainstream

Working with VR

computer keyboard with mask on top of mousepad suggesting workplace accommodations during covid

Sample Letters – COVID-19 and Workplace Accommodations

(Provided with permission from Disability Rights CA) Sample Letter to Request Reasonable Accommodations During the COVID-19 Pandemic This sample letter can be used to ask your employer or prospective workplace for reasonable accommodations you need in the hiring process or