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Celebrate 15 years of Disability Rights NC! (15 for 15)

July 2022, Disability Rights North Carolina (DRNC) celebrates 15 years as the state’s Protection & Advocacy (P&A) agency, dedicated to advancing and defending the rights of over 2 million people with disabilities in our state. Throughout the month, DRNC will feature 15 stories highlighting what we do as NC’s P&A and the impact of our work over the past 15 years (15 for 15).

DRNC staff work tirelessly to create a just society where people with disabilities are free from discrimination and abuse. Our vision is a fully integrated and accessible community – where people with disabilities have power, equal opportunity, and freedom to make their own decisions.

Follow along below and check back often as we release new posts to celebrate throughout the month!

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Follow along as we celebrate 15 years of DRNC

Day 15 of 15 | Celebrate & Donate!

Make an investment to vindicate the rights of disabled North Carolinians. Become a monthly recurring…

Three people in suits, who look like politicians, sitting at a conference table with microphones in front of them

Day 14 of 15 | Policy

The work of our Public Policy team, touches the lives of all disabled North Carolinians. By actively…

Female with dark skin in a suit with a headset, talking on the phone

Day 13 of 15 | I&R

Today’s feature is about the “do-it-yourself” power of self-advocacy and “how-to” strategies.…

Day 12 of 15 | ADA Anniversary

July 26th 2022, we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), land…

Woman judge in court room shown holding a gavel

Day 11 of 15 | Litigation

DRNC develops lawsuits that have the potential to change policies and state laws to improve the live…

person receiving a vaccine

Day 10 of 15 | Disaster Recovery

DRNC advocates for the rights of disabled people before, during, and after a state declared disaster…

teenage boy with a disability laughing with a female caretaker while coloring at the table

Day 9 of 15 | Guardianship

People with disabilities have the same right to and desire for self-determination as everyone else.…

person in jail with handcuffs on

Day 8 of 15 | Criminal Justice

Today, nearly 40 percent of incarcerated people report having a disability. DRNC’s Criminal Justice…

woman with magnifying glass inquisitively looking at a binder

Day 7 of 15 | Investigations and Monitoring

  In 1973, national television news reports shocked the country with horrifying video that capt…

Lady with dark skin and blonde hair in business clothes, using sign language while communicating through a laptop in an office

Day 6 of 15 | Employment

People with disabilities face many barriers to finding work, keeping their jobs, or getting better j…

Jennifer Keelan-Chaffins, 8, (in bandanna) takes part in the Capitol Crawl on March 12, 1990, to urge Congress to pass the ADA.

Day 5 of 15 | Voting

People with disabilities have enormous voting power: one in four people eligible to vote has a disab…

College aged male with dark skin sits in a circle with other students

Day 4 of 15 | Community Access

Our Community Access and Inclusion work makes sure that everyone can live, work, and play in our com…

Three school aged kids with backpacks sitting on a park bench looking at school papers, while wearing medical masks

Day 3 of 15 | Education Rights

Every child in North Carolina has the constitutional right to a sound, basic education, yet many dis…

Woman with brown curly hair, a dark red jacket, and gray sweater standing in a power pose with her arms flexed to show her muscles

Day 2 of 15 | Access Authority

Want to know a surprising fact about Disability Rights North Carolina (DRNC)? We have a super power!…

Woman with laptop sitting on a couch and holding papers while talking with man in a wheel chair

Day 1 of 15 | Rep Payee

Imagine, a small group of investigators traversing North Carolina, from the mountains to the coast,…