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Voter Guide for Greenville Mayor and City Council 2022

Table of Contents


Election Day is May 17

Early Voting is April 28 – May 14

Pick the Winners

Greenville elects the Mayor and City Council in non-partisan elections for 2-year terms. The delayed Census results caused the 2021 election to be postponed until 2022.

Greenville voters may vote for 1 candidate for Mayor, 1 candidate for the At-Large seat on the City Council, and 1 candidate to represent your District on the Council. Only voters living in the District can vote for that District’s representatives. Find out which District you live in at demnc.co/distr

The City Council appoints the City Manager, adopts city laws, and oversees the functions in the box below.


Greenville Mayor - Vote for 1 Candidate


P. J. Connelly

Occupation: Real Estate

Background: Planning & Zoning Commission, City Council 1 term, and Mayor for 2 terms

What are your top 2 or 3 priorities if elected?  Public Safety, Infrastructure, and Economic Development. Citizens want to live in a safe community and it is the most important service the city of Greenville offers. The recruitment and retention of high paying jobs improves the lives of everyone in the community.

Give an example of actions you would take to address a particular issue. Affordable housing: As we continue to see inflation in our economy, affordable housing becomes more and more important each day. Rents and home prices continue to increase annually and the city of Greenville must continue investing in affordable housing, rehabilitation of housing, and building affordable housing.

Website: PJConnelly.com


Elizabeth Liles

Occupation: CEO and Founder of Daughters of Worth

Background: DOW, Pitt Co Coalition Against Human Trafficking, Pitt Co Collaborative for Families, Riverseast Workforce, 15 yrs nonprofit service. Holds an Executive Certificate in leadership from Duke University, Bachelor’s Degree in English from Fayetteville State, and pursuing ECU Masters in Social Work

What are your top 2 or 3 priorities if elected?  Affordable housing, Economic Development, Equity and Inclusion

Give an example of actions you would take to address a particular issue.  Affordable housing: Creation of transitional housing for at-risk youth, individuals who do not meet the criteria for other sheltering options, and families. Work with property managers. Create pathway to financial sustainability. Assess underutilized property.

Website: LizLilesForGreenville.com

At-Large District - Vote for 1 Candidate

Backup Profile Picture

Will Bell

candidate is unopposed

District 1 Voters - Vote for 1 Candidate


Monica Daniels

Occupation: Social work supervisor

Background: Community Advocate; Bachelors in Social Work; Masters in Social and Community Services

What are your top 2 or 3 priorities if elected?  Affordable Housing: ensure that it is available to all citizens in our community. Business Growth with a focus on non-profits that are the heart of our community. Community collaboration. A community that works together towards common goals is vibrant and thriving.

Give an example of actions you would take to address a particular issue. Affordable housing: Affordable housing allows all citizens the opportunity to achieve the American dream of home ownership. Funding should be made available towards affordable housing to both renters and home buyers.

Website: DanielsForCityCouncil.com


William C. Shiver

Occupation: Business owner

Background: William C. Shiver was in the first graduating class at North Pitt High School. He is co-owner of Sure Foundation Behavioral Health Services. He organized over 30 COVID-19 testing sites, delivered over 1,000 food boxes and 300 COVID-19 assistance checks.

What are your top 2 or 3 priorities if elected? 1. Encouraging year-round financial support for community programs geared towards academics, sports, substance abuse and life skills. 2. Advocating for funding to improve businesses in our district, with improved beautification initiatives and addressing drainage issues.

Give an example of actions you would take to address a particular issue. Affordable housing: He supports improved rental housing standards and promoting higher standards of quality and accountability for property owners.

Website: ShiverforGreenville.com

District 2 Voters - Vote for 1 Candidate


Tonya Foreman

Occupation: Founder and CEO of CAREE (www.CAREE.today), owner of For Your Solutions Consulting, Member Services Director at Koinonia Christian Center and founder of Eastern Carolina Steppers

Background: I am a Pitt County native. I understand the dynamics and lived experiences of the east which has been evident in the outcomes of my work in community. Also, I have 32 years of professional experience in health education and physical fitness, serve the community as an entrepreneur and in ministry.

What are your top 2 or 3 priorities if elected? My top priorities are to continue to maintain a consistent presence in our community to ensure that all of our citizens feel valued by listening to them and responding to their needs. My experience is that staying true to these methods will ensure equity and inclusion in all areas addressed.

Give an example of actions you would take to address a particular issue. Police accountability and community relations: As a black mother and the niece of retired law enforcement professionals, I think one of the solutions in this area is transparency. By conducting regular, open and honest reviews of officers’ stops and performance, we are more likely to identify issues and address them before serious issues arise.

Website: TonyaForeman.org


Rose H. Glover

Occupation: Retired from ECU School of Medicine

Background: I am a native of Pitt County and have served on the City Council for over 20 years. I grew up poor, but I have been blessed and I am committed to give back to the community.

What are your top 2 or 3 priorities if elected?  My first priority is helping people in District 2 receive resources to repair, rehab and winterize their homes. The city is hindered by the high cost of supplies, but we must keep providing assistance. I’m also concerned about improving healthcare and providing jobs for young people in District 2.

Give an example of actions you would take to address a particular issue. Affordable housing: Our city government has a division to assist affordable housing, and it’s my duty to make as much progress as possible each year with city resources and federal funds. We must also revitalize neighborhoods with good streets and enforce housing codes so landlords keep rental houses up to standards.

Website: facebook.com/CouncilwomanRoseGlover

District 3 Voters - Vote for 1 Candidate


Marion Blackburn

Occupation: Writer, paralegal

Background: I served three terms as a Greenville City Council member, and hold the Master of Public Administration. My master’s degree focused on public policy, planning, laws, and ordinances. I am a member of both the MPA honor society and the French honor society.

What are your top 2 or 3 priorities if elected? Economic development: focus on our Uptown District/Arts Historic District; small businesses; opportunities.

Give an example of actions you would take to address a particular issue. Affordable housing: As a member of the Greenville City Council, I will focus on our community’s housing options and support the availability of housing for all. That means careful attention to federal grants, as well as public-private partnerships and programs that are available to all income levels.

Website: facebook.com/BlackburnForGreenvilleNC


Nathan Cohen

Occupation: Financial Advisor

Background: Over a decade ago, I moved to Greenville after double majoring in finance and management at ECU. I have served four years on the board of the Young Professionals of Pitt County, currently serving a second term on the city’s Board Of Adjustments, and a year on the local Chamber of Commerce board.

What are your top 2 or 3 priorities if elected? Strengthening our appeal to young and maturing families, boosting our quality of life in terms of recreation investment and live music venues, and enhance Greenville‘s leadership of the East through improved cooperation with county commissioners, the ENC alliance, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Give an example of actions you would take to address a particular issue. Jobs for youth: I want to bring more businesses to Greenville. I want to retain and attract more young professionals as well as bringing jobs here with very competitive pay.

District 4 Voters - Vote for 1 Candidate

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Robert McCarthy

no response from candidate

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Rick Smiley

no response from candidate

District 5 Voters - Vote for 1 Candidate

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Les Robinson

candidate is unopposed


Three good reasons for you to vote

  1. Your vote can make a big difference in who wins a local election.
    How just one person voted − or didn’t vote − determined the winners in over 30 North Carolina cities in 2021. Your vote matters!
  2. The City Council makes decisions affecting nearly every part of your life −
    affordable housing, police conduct, new jobs, parks, street repair, transit, neighborhood zoning. But you decide who wins!
  3. Listen to what other voters say about why they’re voting . . .

“. . . too many of my ancestors died for me not to be using my right to vote.” – Kristen Marion

“. . . city elections can be very close, so my one vote could have a big impact.” – Angelica Robles

“. . . it’s not just about who’s president. Who runs local government directly affects me.” – Austin Padilla

“. . . I want someone in city hall fighting for issues important to our community.” – Robert Dawkins

This 2022 voter guide for Greenville

is produced by Democracy NC and Common Cause, which are not affiliated with any party or candidate.

This Guide provides responses from the candidates and vital information about the voting process. Some candidates did not provide a website. One question asked candidates to choose a topic to address from these 3 topics: affordable housing; police accountability and community relations; or jobs for youth.

For questions about voting, call the Pitt Co. Board of Elections at 252-902-3300 or the Elections Hotline at 888-687-8683. Two useful websites are NCVoter.org and NCVoterGuide.org

What does the City Council do?

The Mayor and the 6 other Greenville City Council members make a wide range of decisions affecting your life. They hire and supervise the city manager, who hires the police chief and other department heads, who all report to the manager. The Council sets policies and priorities and oversees the many functions of local government, including:

  • The Police & Fire Departments
  • Zoning & Building Code Enforcement
  • Economic & Community Development
  • Streets, Sidewalks & Road Repair
  • Electric & Natural Gas Service
  • Recreation, Parks & Arts Programs
  • Affordable Housing
  • Bus Service & Bike Paths
  • Tax Rates & the City Budget
  • Anti-Discrimination Ordinances
  • Water, Waste Disposal & Recycling
  • City Govt. Employee Wages & Benefits
  • Aquatics & Fitness Center
  • Appointments to Boards & Committees

May 17 is also the Democratic and Republican primary for choosing their nominees for the November election. Preview all the choices on your entire ballot at demnc.co/poll

Resources for Voters

  • NCVoter.org – to learn how to register or check your registration status, vote by mail, locate your Election Day poll, or call a Hotline with your questions.
  • NCSBE.gov – NC State Board of Elections website with same info as above; the State Board’s Hotline is 866-522-4723.
  • Vote411.org – League of Women Voters resource with candidate debate info, links to look up your polling place, etc
  • NCVoterGuide.org – Local voter guides and loads of information about voting.

Where to vote early, April 28-May 14

Best Choice: Take advantage of evening, weekday and weekend hours to vote early. You can also register to vote during Early Voting.


5 locations are open weekdays (Mon.-Fri.), April 28-May 13, 8 am-7:30 pm; two Saturdays, May 7 and May 14, 8 am-3 pm; and one Sunday, May 8, 1 pm-5 pm:

  • Agricultural Center, 403 Government Circle, Greenville
  • Community Schools Building, 4561 County Home Rd., Greenville
  • County Office Building, 1717 W. 5th St., Greenville
  • ECU Student Center, Room 125, 501 E. 10th St., Greenville
  • Winterville Fire Station, 2593 Railroad St., Winterville

Preview all the choices on your entire ballot at ncvoter.org/your-ballot-and-precinct
Questions? Call 888-OUR-VOTE (888-687-8683) or visit NCVoter.org

Adapted from voter guides by Democracy NC & Common Cause.