Safe and Secure Schools Project

Three students, two black girls and one white boy, sit on a bench together doing homework. They all wear masks.

Learn about DRNC”s Safe and Secure Schools project, and what parents can do if they suspect their child is being mistreated at school.

North Carolina LME/MCOs

Map of NC counties color coded by the regions that each LME/MCO servesLME/MCO

Contact information and links to all of the LME/MCOs in NC and a list of the counties that each of them serves.

Breaking the Silence: Jenny’s Story

A little girl waits for her parents to come and get her.

This is the story of Jenny, who was fed vodka as a newborn. A missed diagnosis and significant system failures caused a decade of suffering and crises for her and her adoptive parents.

Let’s Break the Silence

view of the lower part of a boy's unsmiling face

Staff Post:  Joonu Coste Equal Justice Works Fellow (sponsored by an anonymous donor) Confronting the stigma around children’s mental health disabilities After my first year of law school, I interned at […]

Trauma-Informed Approaches

Woman in wheelchair in dark hallway looks out window

A non-clinical overview of trauma-informed approaches presented by Cas Shearin. Learn how trauma impacts a person, what it means to be trauma-informed and why it matters. Sponsored by Money Follows the […]

Seclusion and Restraint in Schools

Blue lockers in an empty school hallway

This packet contains FAQs on seclusion and restraint, tips for advocacy, information for responding to injuries and links to sample letters to schools.