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Type: Sample Letters

Woman sitting at an outdoors cafe makes a call on her phone

Sample Letter to Request an Interpreter

Sample Letter to Doctor, Nurse or Other Medical Professional Requesting a Sign Language Interpreter…

Woman types on computer next to service animal

Sample Letters for Service Animals

Use these sample letters to advocate for your right to use a service animals in public places, and t…

Man with blue jeans typing on a laptop.jpg

Sample Letter for Early Lease Termination

Use this letter to help you request to end your lease early due to damage to your home, or your inab…

Young black man writes notes as he looks at his computer

Sample Complaint Letter: VR Services

Use these sample complaint letters to advocate for VR services with the Division of Voc Rehab or NC…

person typing on a keyboard

Accessible Parking Sample Letters

Use these sample letters to help you advocate for accessible parking. If you need more information a…

Latina woman types on laptop with red mug next to her hands

Sample Letter: Accessibility in Public Places

Use this sample letter to address accessibility of a service, program, or activity in a business of…

Man types letter on silver computer

Seclusion and Restraint Sample Letter

Use these sample letters to request that a school investigate use of restraint or seclusion. You can…

Man types on silver laptop

Sample College Accommodation Request

College students with disabilities can use this sample letter to request accommodations or academic…