Use this letter to help you request to end your lease early due to damage to your home, or your inability to access your home because of your disability. Learn more about your housing rights under the Fair Housing Act.

Sample letter to request to end your lease early under FHA.


Landlord Name
Landlord Address

Re: Reasonable Accommodation Request under the Federal and North Carolina Fair Housing Act by Name of Person Requesting the Accommodation for Early Termination of My Lease.

Dear Landlord Name:

My name is Insert your name here. I reside at your apartment complex, complex name,
specifically, list address of where you live. My lease term is set to expire on date lease expires.

I am a person with disabilities affecting my ability to list major life activity (walk, breathe, sleep, eat, etc…) that is impacted by the problem with your housing. My apartment / home is list damage here. Because of the conditions of my apartment/home that I am renting from you, my major life activity stated above is getting worse. Name of Apartment Complex policy states that tenants must fulfill the lease or be penalized monetarily by having to pay list any fees or fines due to breaking the lease early. I request that you release me early from my lease with no fees and/or fines assessed. This accommodation is reasonable and necessary to afford me the full use and enjoyment of my home and will help ameliorate the effects of my disability. I will turn in my keys on date.

Please respond by date if you have any other questions.

Your Name