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The hands of several prisoners gripping bars of their cell

Increased outbreaks in correctional facilities because social distancing is impossible

North Carolina prisons and jails are petri dishes for corona virus. “COVID-19 will spread like wildf…


Civil Rights Groups File Emergency Lawsuit

Civil Rights Groups File Emergency Lawsuit to Demand Governor, State Officials Protect Incarcerated…

Prisoner's hands sticking through prison bars

Social Distancing Impossible in Overcrowded Jails

DRNC urges immediate action North Carolina jails are chronically overcrowded, making social distanci…

Headshot of Virginia Knowlton Marcus

COVID-19 Scarce Resource Protocol

On March 27, 2020, DRNC CEO Virginia Knowlton Marcus sent a letter to Secretary Mandy Cohen as part…


DOT punishes disability community with proposed regulations

Disability Rights North Carolina (DRNC) is profoundly disappointed in the Department of Transportati…


Not “Only” People

Victoria Ekstrand So how dry are your hands? Mine are showing new wrinkles and crevices, but I don…


Proposed Rules for Assistance Animals on Flights

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is proposing new rules for flying with assistance animals. So…

Gavel in courtroom

Success Stories: Ashley

Ashley never had a chance to be independent. Due to her disabilities, Ashley’s grandmother pet…

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Disability Law Fellowship

This Disability Law Fellowship is a two-year fellowship program for a law school graduate with a pas…

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Disability Culture 101

Disability culture is richly diverse. When we refer to the “disability community” it may create a fa…