Housing Rights

DRNC works to make sure people with disabilities have equal access to housing. Some of our callers are living in homes that are not accessible for their needs. Some are harassed or threatened with eviction because of their disability-related needs. Or they cannot find accessible housing they can afford. Others need their landlord to make changes to their home so that they can use and enjoy it as anyone else would. We call these changes reasonable accommodations or modifications.

Our team fights against housing discrimination. Our goal is for people to have accessible housing in the community of their choice.

How we improve equal access to housing

  • Making sure people with disabilities are free from disability-based discrimination and harassment.
  • We advocate for housing programs and resources for people with disabilities.
  • Representing clients who are at risk of eviction because of their disability.
  • Providing trainings on housing rights for people with disabilities.

Strategies we use:

  • Individual representation
  • Impact litigation
  • Training and outreach

Learn more about these DRNC strategies and services.


We work to make sure you have housing that you can use and enjoy. For example, we might help you ask for changes to your house so you have what you need for your disability. And we can explain what you can and cannot ask for because of your disability. We can help keep you in your home if you are being kicked out because of your disability. 

Housing Rights at a Glance

You have the right to:

  • Ask for reasonable accommodations or modifications to help you (or a family member) in your home.
  • Receive reasonable accommodations that help you through the housing application process.
  • Have an animal which helps symptoms of your disability in your home. This right applies even in “no pet” housing and student housing.
  • Live in safe and accessible housing in the community of your choice.
  • Not be harassed because you, your family or a visitor has disabilities.

Housing Resources and News

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The N&O touched on an urgent issue in “NC families struggle to find housing for adults with disabilities” (Dec. 27). These families are caught in a system that is failing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. North Carolina has been