Involuntary Commitment

Cropped shot of a woman sitting on a sofa and feeling anxiouCropped shot of a woman sitting on a sofa and feeling anxious, indicated by her hands, which are contorted to indicate worry,

Involuntary commitment (IVC) is when a person is put into a mental health facility against their will, or without their permission or the permission of their guardian. You must meet […]

Safe and Secure Schools Project

Three students, two black girls and one white boy, sit on a bench together doing homework. They all wear masks.

Learn about DRNC”s Safe and Secure Schools project, and what parents can do if they suspect their child is being mistreated at school.

Discharge Rights: Minors

A latina mother speaks with her daughter and a nurse in a facility waiting room.

Learn about your discharge rights if you are voluntarily, or involuntarily admitted into a 24-hour mental health facility as a minor.

Discharge Rights: Adults

Paperwork for discharge, zoomed in on the words, "Discharge orders" with a stethoscope resting on top.

What are my discharge rights from a 24-hour mental health facility? You have the right to actively participate in your treatment You (or your legal guardian) and the internal advocate […]