COVID-19 Resources

3 single use vials of COVID-19 Vaccine and on a reflective surface, a syringe lays nearby

Recent important information about the COVID-19 testing, vaccines and more. Page is updated regularly.

Vaccination Event Brings Community Together

Four staff members of the Piedmont Triad Regional Council who partnered with DRNC on this event stand next to their booth, all wearing black polos and blue jeans, smiling from behind their masks. They all have two thumbs up. From left to right, a Black woman, older white man, a blond-haired woman and a white middle-aged woman.

DRNC was in Stokes County this month for vaccination drives as part of Project ACCESS, DRNC’s initiative to increase access to vaccinations. The first drive-through event, in Danbury, gave out nearly 80 vaccinations with the support of many local partners, and a second is scheduled in King. Learn more about what this event meant to Stokes County residents.

What is FEMA?

FEMA helps people recover from a natural disaster, including COVID-19. Learn more about FEMA’s services and how to apply for help,, including help paying for COVID-related funerals.

Project ACCESS

a white nurse with mask, and brown hair vaccinates a man wearing a mask and a blue polo in a white car

Project ACCESS is DRNC’s statewide initiative to increase access to vaccines for people with disabilities, including age-related disabilities.

Update on the Pandemic in NC

a young woman of color, wearing a face mask , places hands on window and looks in at an older woman of color, wearing a mask who has her hands on the window. Their hands are placed over each other with the window between, symbolizing the isolation and loneliness people with weakened immune systems are facing as they socially distance during the surge of the Delta variant.

In this update on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic in NC today, DRNC strongly encourages everyone who can to get vaccinated.

The Rapid Transmission of the Delta Variant

Unvaccinated white man closes eyes as doctor wearing mask and shield tests him for the delta variant through his car window.

In this DRNC statement, CEO stresses urgent need for vaccinations Skyrocketing cases of the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant in North Carolina are causing unprecedented spikes in COVID hospitalizations and […]

Help with Rent during COVID-19

Evicted white family, father buries face in hands while mother holds toddler with a worried expression on her face. they are sitting in the middle of a bunch of moving boxes

Update 11/03/2021 NEW – From November 1 through March 31, utility companies cannot disconnect service to households that include someone: who is disabled or age 65 or older; is unable to […]