Natural Disasters

Recovering from a natural disaster is hard but there is aid. Did you know you can apply for help from FEMA? FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It provides support to people before, during and after a president-declared natural disaster. Disasters in NC include hurricanes and COVID-19.

Check out FEMA’s brochure: “Figuring out FEMA” to learn more about the kinds of help you can get from FEMA and how to apply.

Family emergency plan cards


COVID-19 is currently one of the natural disasters that FEMA is addressing. They have many resources and information available on vaccination and other COVID-related issues.

Funeral assistance

FEMA also helps with paying for funeral expenses if cause of death is related to COVID. Death must be attributed to COVID on the death certificate, and occur after January 2020.

Apply to this funeral assistance program or watch a video to learn more about getting help with COVID funeral expenses. An ASL version of the video is also available.