Safe and Secure Schools Project

Three students, two black girls and one white boy, sit on a bench together doing homework. They all wear masks.

Learn about DRNC”s Safe and Secure Schools project, and what parents can do if they suspect their child is being mistreated at school.

Discharge Rights: Minors

A latina mother speaks with her daughter and a nurse in a facility waiting room.

Learn about your discharge rights if you are voluntarily, or involuntarily admitted into a 24-hour mental health facility as a minor.

EPSDT Brochures

Three multi-ethnic little girls, one with dark brown skin and her curly hair pulled up in a pony, one with blond hair and bangs and light skin, and one with brown skin and braids, are all smiling with their arms across each other's shoulders. They are in a classroom. EPSDT applies to all children with Medicaid.

Early and periodic screening, diagnostic and treatment (EPSDT) is a program for children under 21 who have Medicaid. Under EPSDT, the state must cover all medically necessary services for children. […]

Autism-Related Services in NC

child with autism identifies emotions using cards held up by psychologist during play therapy

Changes to the Waiver rules: your Individual Budget, your right to request services beyond your budget, and tips on your ISP.

Breaking the Silence: Jenny’s Story

A little girl waits for her parents to come and get her.

This is the story of Jenny, who was fed vodka as a newborn. A missed diagnosis and significant system failures caused a decade of suffering and crises for her and her adoptive parents.

School Transportation

Father adjusts straps on son's wheelchair as they prepare for the school day

Schools must provide special transportation to a student with an IEP if the student cannot safely ride a regular bus for reasons related to the student’s disability. The definition of […]

Transition Planning

Girl with syndrome down chooses a book on a shelf in the library

This information packet describes the key requirements for transition services for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Transition services help to prepare a student to move from school to post-secondary […]