Day 15 of 15 | Celebrate & Donate!

Birthday banner that reads, "Celebrate and Donate! Fight with us. Be the change. Act today."

Make an investment to vindicate the rights of disabled North Carolinians. Become a monthly recurring donor, or contribute a one-time gift.

Day 14 of 15 | Policy

Three people in suits, who look like politicians, sitting at a conference table with microphones in front of them

The work of our Public Policy team, touches the lives of all disabled North Carolinians. By actively engaging in policy and legislative advocacy,

Day 13 of 15 | I&R

Female with dark skin in a suit with a headset, talking on the phone

Today’s feature is about the “do-it-yourself” power of self-advocacy and “how-to” strategies.

Day 12 of 15 | ADA Anniversary

Disability protest at the capitol. Three people in wheelchairs in focus with a sign that reads "we shall overcome"

July 26th 2022, we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), landmark legislation that has been hailed as the “Emancipation Proclamation” for disabled Americans.

Day 11 of 15 | Litigation

Woman judge in court room shown holding a gavel

DRNC develops lawsuits that have the potential to change policies and state laws to improve the lives of many people with disabilities.

Day 8 of 15 | Criminal Justice

person in jail with handcuffs on

Today, nearly 40 percent of incarcerated people report having a disability. DRNC’s Criminal Justice team identifies and advocates for improvements in the treatment of people with disabilities in prisons and jails.

Day 7 of 15 | Investigations and Monitoring

woman with magnifying glass inquisitively looking at a binder

  In 1973, national television news reports shocked the country with horrifying video that captured disabled children and adults in a filthy New York state-operated institution called Willowbrook. People were […]