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Tag: 15 for 15

Day 15 of 15 | Celebrate & Donate!

Make an investment to vindicate the rights of disabled North Carolinians. Become a monthly recurring…

Three people in suits, who look like politicians, sitting at a conference table with microphones in front of them

Day 14 of 15 | Policy

The work of our Public Policy team, touches the lives of all disabled North Carolinians. By actively…

Female with dark skin in a suit with a headset, talking on the phone

Day 13 of 15 | I&R

Today’s feature is about the “do-it-yourself” power of self-advocacy and “how-to” strategies.…

Day 12 of 15 | ADA Anniversary

July 26th 2022, we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), land…

Woman judge in court room shown holding a gavel

Day 11 of 15 | Litigation

DRNC develops lawsuits that have the potential to change policies and state laws to improve the live…

person receiving a vaccine

Day 10 of 15 | Disaster Recovery

DRNC advocates for the rights of disabled people before, during, and after a state declared disaster…

teenage boy with a disability laughing with a female caretaker while coloring at the table

Day 9 of 15 | Guardianship

People with disabilities have the same right to and desire for self-determination as everyone else.…

person in jail with handcuffs on

Day 8 of 15 | Criminal Justice

Today, nearly 40 percent of incarcerated people report having a disability. DRNC’s Criminal Justice…

woman with magnifying glass inquisitively looking at a binder

Day 7 of 15 | Investigations and Monitoring

  In 1973, national television news reports shocked the country with horrifying video that capt…