What to Do When You Can’t Find a Provider

A woman with medium brown skin wearing a jean jacket and turquoise necklace smiles at the camera, her hands on her daughter's shoulders. Her daughter is wearing a bright pink pendant, a beige shirt and has a huge smile on her face and closed eyes. She has an intellectual disability.

I have been approved for services through my local management entity / managed care organization (LME/MCO) but I can’t find a provider agency or my provider agency doesn’t have enough […]

Discharge Rights: Minors

A latina mother speaks with her daughter and a nurse in a facility waiting room.

Learn about your discharge rights if you are voluntarily, or involuntarily admitted into a 24-hour mental health facility as a minor.

Discharge Rights: Adults

Paperwork for discharge, zoomed in on the words, "Discharge orders" with a stethoscope resting on top.

What are my discharge rights from a 24-hour mental health facility? You have the right to actively participate in your treatment You (or your legal guardian) and the internal advocate […]

Medicaid Buy-in In NC

What Is Medicaid Buy-In? Under Medicaid, States may offer a “buy-in” option for workers with disabilities to make Medicaid available to those who would otherwise be ineligible for Medicaid due […]

How to Register to Vote

sign reads "register to vote!" on rusting metal

There are several ways that you can register to vote. First, check to see if you are registered at your current address! Register in person At the office of your […]

Back to School during COVID 

A white book bag with colorful print of the world and children from around the world holding hands and encircling the world. The bag is on a table with other back to school materials. A pencil case with a pencil sticking out and a purple binder full of paper are on the table behind the bag.

Learn what you can do to make back to school during COVID as safe and successful as possible. Topics include everything from behavior to masks.