Issues We Cannot Assist With

Because of the requirements placed on us by our federal grant funders, there are certain issues we cannot assist you with. Refer to the table below for issues we cannot provide assistance with and common exceptions.

Issues We Cannot Assist WithCommon Exceptions
Applications or appeals for Medicaid, Social Security, or disability benefits (such as SSI or SSDI)
  • We may be able to assist if your Medicaid services have been reduced or denied.
  • We may be able to assist if you are already receiving Social Security benefits and have questions about returning to work.
Criminal, probation, or parole matters
  • We may be able to assist if your child has criminal charges related to a behavior incident at school.
Divorce, child custody, child support, or other family law matters
  • We may be able to assist if Social Services (DSS or CPS) has threatened to take custody of a child because of the parent’s disability.
Guardianship applications
  • We may be able to assist with removal of or a challenge to guardianship.
Housing issues that are not related to a disability (such as eviction for failure to pay rent) 
Malpractice, personal injury, or worker’s compensation 
Wills, trusts and estate planning

If your matter concerns an issue that Disability Rights NC can address, please continue to our online intake form. A member of our Information and Referral Team will get in touch within two working days.

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