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Election 2020: Voting with a Disability

Election 2020: Voting with a Disability

October 9

Voter Registration Deadline

October 15-31

Early Voting Period
Same Day Registration Period – Register to Vote and Vote all in one stop.

October 27

Deadline to Request Absentee Ballot

November 3

Election Day
Submit your Ballot by 5 pm

Did you know?

1 in 4

people have a disability.

graphic of a black woman voting with a seeing eye dog

Make your Voice Heard

If people with disabilities voted at the same rate as people without, there would be 2.35 million more voters.

Challenges to Voting

People with disabilities face significant barriers in voting.

Not Registered to Vote?

It’s not too late. Same day registration will be available Oct. 15-31 at Early Voting Sites. Register to vote and then place your vote all in one stop.

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