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Shirley Garrett

Law Extern

Shirley will be working with the DRNC team as their legal extern for the 2024 spring semester. Currently, she is a 3L at Duke Law School. Born and raised in Durham, Shirley is passionate about disability advocacy, voting rights and law. Shirley received her B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from High Point University. After receiving her B.A., Shirley worked at a voting rights foundation in Washington, D.C. and participated in a year-long fellowship at Reality Ministries in Durham. Upon graduating law school, she will be working at Dechert, LLP in Charlotte.

Shirley is looking forward to building connections in Charlotte with the Council for Children’s Rights and hopes to gain experience through her externship with DRNC that she can bring with her to Charlotte.

Disability Rights NC

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Disability Rights North Carolina is a legal advocacy organization that fights for the rights of people with disabilities in North Carolina.

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