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Nia Wright

Governor's Crime Commission Advocate/Investigator

In March 2023, Nia joined DRNC, taking up the role of Governor’s Crime Commission advocate and investigator. She has an extensive background in working with children, accumulated from years of working in preschools, her church and many hours of volunteering. She was also an instructor at Wake Technical Community College.

Nia is deeply committed to advocating for students with disabilities within the North Carolina public school system, including public separate schools. Her passion stems from a profound desire to ensure that every child’s educational environment serves as a secure, nurturing platform where they can learn, grow, and authentically express themselves. She is dedicated to safeguarding the rights of disabled students, focusing on preventing any forms of abuse, neglect, improper restraint, or seclusion within the schools.

Nia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in both Psychology and Social Work, along with a Master’s in Social Work and Human Development. Currently, she is completing her Ph.D. in Human Development.

In her free time, Nia enjoys singing, watching different shows and trying new restaurants.

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