Electing County Leaders

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said the arc of history bends toward justice, but it can be a jagged journey. Don’t be too idealistic about what one politician can achieve, because that may lead you to become cynical about politics. Democracy is messy, with many voices and demands in the mix. Persistence and organizing with others will pay off! A small number of votes can swing a local election.

District Attorney

The DA can influence public safety and equal justice by the choice of cases to prosecute, bail bond policies, use of plea deals, and emphasis on dispute mediation and alternatives to incarceration. The candidates are:

For District Atty:

  1. Robert Evans (Democrat) vs.
  2. Jeffrey Marsigli (Republican)

County Commissioners

Wilson Co. voters will elect all 7 members on the Board of County Commissioners. The Board sets the annual budget for schools, elections, sheriff’s dept. and other agencies; and it oversees zoning, affordable housing, transit options, and other vital services.  Vote for who should represent your District (to find your District, see ncvoter.org/distr).

The candidates are:   

  • District 1: Leslie T. Atkinson (Democrat) vs. Mark Letchworth (Unaffiliated)
  • District 2: Sherry L. Lucas (Democrat) unopposed
  • District 3: JoAnne Daniels (Democrat) unopposed
  • District 4: Roger Lucas (Republican) unopposed
  • District 5: Rob Boyette (Democrat) unopposed
  • District 6: Chris Hill (Republican) vs. Darnell Lee Thoms (Democrat)
  • District 7: Bill Blackman (Republican) unopposed

Board Of Education

Four of the 7 School Board members will be elected in 2022. The Board hires the Superintendent and oversees finances, pupil placement, school policies, and curriculum choices. The election is non-partisan; voters choose the candidates to represent their District.

Candidates are:

  • District 1: Jeanne Cuddington vs. Debora Powell
  • District 3: Georgina Barbosa vs. Christine L. Fitch
  • District 5: Beverly Page Boyette unopposed
  • District 7: Rhyan Breen unopposed

NC General Assembly

Wilson Co. voters will send 2 legislators to the General Assembly in Raleigh to debate & adopt laws and a state budget affecting jobs, healthcare, schools, taxes, discrimination, roads, voting, pollution, abortion, guns and more. It’s crucial for you to pick your state legislators!

Your choices:     

  • NC House candidates: Linda Cooper-Suggs (D) vs. Ken Fontenot (R)
  • NC Senate candidate: Milton F. (Toby) Fitch (D) vs. Buck Newton (R)

Learn about the candidates on your ballot at NCVoterGuide.org or Vote411.org.

Where To Vote Early, Oct. 20- To Nov. 5

Voters in Wilson County may use any of the THREE EARLY VOTING SITES listed below. The sites are open weekdays, Oct. 20-Nov. 4, 8 am-7:30 pm; Saturdays, Oct. 22 & Nov. 5, 8 am-3 pm; and Sunday, Oct. 30, 1-5 pm:

  • Wilson County Board Of Elections 112 Douglas Street East, Wilson
  • Wilson County Office Building, 2201 Miller Road South, Wilson
  • Wilson Rescue Squad Building, 1902 Tarboro Street West, Wilson