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A young woman with an intellectual disability sits at a computer with her female boss, receiving training for her new job in the community..

Changes to Segregated Employment in NC

NC agrees to end segregated employment services for people with I/DD and instead support competitive…

a young man with glasses, brown hair and down syndrome wearing a grocery apron in a store where he works

Working in the Community

Easy to Read: What kind of job do you have? Soon everyone working in a segregated setting will have…

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Medicaid Buy-in In NC

What Is Medicaid Buy-In? Under Medicaid, States may offer a “buy-in” option for workers with disabil…

Charlotte, NC skyline

Moving into the Economic Mainstream

An overview of employment services for people with disabilities in North Carolina The passage of the…

Barista Making Coffee

Pre-Employment Transition Services: FAQ

A new law called the Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires that Vocational Rehab…

Black man in wheelchair looks to his left

EEOC Charge Process Flow Chart

What happens after you file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commiss…

Young asian man with a disability shows a coworker something on his laptop

Using VR Services

An overview of the goods and services provided by VR, how to apply for VR services, your VR rights,…

Young black man writes notes as he looks at his computer

Sample Complaint Letter: VR Services

Use these sample complaint letters to advocate for VR services with the Division of Voc Rehab or NC…

Young business man with IDD

How to File a Complaint at the EEOC

Introduction If you are discriminated against in the workplace, there are protections for you. You c…