Disability Rights North Carolina’s Advocacy Targets

Each year, Disability Rights North Carolina adopts a plan to focus its work on the greatest threats to the independence of people with disabilities and the most prevalent violations of disability rights laws. The plan includes a set of advocacy goals that we call Targets.

Because we do not have the resources necessary to address all of the many issues facing people with disabilities, we work with the disability community to identify the legal problems that are the most pressing, widespread or that no one else is equipped to address. Then we develop Targets to address those problems. Targets guide the work of our legal teams and provide the structure within which we spend our limited resources.

DRNC’s Advocacy Targets for Fiscal Year 2020

  • Keep students with disabilities in school
  • Students with disabilities will attend school free from abuse, including abusive interventions
  • Advocate for the employment of people with disabilities in competitive and integrated jobs
  • Enforce the right of people with disabilities to have equal access to their community
  • Reducing North Carolina’s Over-Reliance on Private Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTFs)
  • Reduce unnecessary institutionalization of individuals with disabilities and advance home and community based healthcare services and supports
  • Increase access to accessible, affordable housing for people with disabilities in the communities of their choice
  • Prepare, advise, and advocate for people with disabilities before, during, and after a state declared disaster
  • Advocate for safe, equitable and just criminal processes for people with disabilities
  • Promote the right of self-determination
  • Enforce the right of people with disabilities to vote

2020 Targets

Does DRNC Do Work Outside of the Targets?

Yes. Targets are required by some of the federal Protection & Advocacy grants we receive. We also do other kinds of work, such as outreach, training and providing self-advocacy tools to help people with disabilities learn about and enforce their rights. We also engage in public policy advocacy with funds we are able to raise outside our grants. Visit https://disabilityrightsnc.org/donate/ to learn how you can support our work.