Attention Medicaid Participants! Tailored Plans are rolling out on December 1, 2022. Most people with IDD, SMI, or SUD automatically will move to the Tailored Plan. All the LME/MCOs will become “Tailored Plans” and will take care of both physical health and behavior health services.  Important to know:

  • To find out if you will be switched, check your mailbox; DHHS sent out letters last week.
  • If you do not know if you will be switched to a Tailored Plan, contact the Enrollment Broker at Home | NC Medicaid Managed Care ( or 1-833-870-5500 TTY: 711 or
  • If you are moving to a Tailored Plan, you do not get to choose your Tailored Plan, but you can choose your PCP and care manager. Make sure to call the Enrollment Broker to do that. Otherwise, DHHS will automatically assign you on October 15, 2022.
  • Is there a provider you want to keep seeing? If so, call that provider today and urge them to enroll in the Tailored Plan. This is important because some providers do not understand that they must enroll if they want to keep you as a patient.

Still have questions?

Sign up for an upcoming webinar! On September 22 at 10 AM, hear the latest on the ongoing rollout of Tailored Plans and how it changes health care choices for NC Medicaid enrollees with significant behavioral health needs, including the impact on their physical health care. The webinar is sponsored by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust and will be hosted by the National Health Law Program, Disability Rights North Carolina, Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, the North Carolina Justice Center, NC Child, Pisgah Legal Services, and Legal Aid of North Carolina.

This webinar will be recorded. The recording and slides will be sent to all registrants approximately 48 hours after the conclusion of the webinar. The slides will also be sent to all registrants 48 hours prior to the webinar.

Additionally, you can call the Ombudsman for free advice at 877-201-3750.


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