Although a few North Carolina cities have seen significant economic growth in the last several years, that growth has been uneven. Many communities in NC face extreme poverty and people lack the resources they need to thrive. DRNC is looking into this problem but we need to learn more. So we are asking for your help. Please consider taking this short survey to tell us about your experience living and working in NC.

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While some cities in NC have grown exponentially in the last several years, others have not grown at all. Certain communities in NC have been historically excluded from economic growth and wide-spread poverty persists in large portions of the state’s rural areas. As a result, economic justice is now a key social and political issue in our state.

DRNC’s Accessible Voting and Disaster Recovery Teams want to address this problem.  We want to hear your feedback about NC’s economy. What is your experience living and working in this state? Your feedback will provide invaluable insight into how state policies and access to public resources currently affect North Carolina families, different communities, and people with disabilities. The immediate goal of these conversations is to identify local concerns, trends and economic policies that are keeping so many communities in NC from growing. This information will be used to challenge current economic policies.

Survey on NC’s economy: Do you have what you need?

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