On Thursday, October 29, 2020, volunteers in the disability community will commit to a two-hour shift to observe and document the curbside voting process at early voting sites across the state. Anyone with a disability or who cares about people with disabilities is invited to participate.

Why do we need monitors for curbside voting?

Every election, DRNC works to make sure people with disabilities are able to vote and have the accommodations they need to vote. We also want to make sure that they are not discriminated against at the polls. However, we can’t be at every poll site. This is where you come in. When you sign up to volunteer, you will be watching for issues and reporting them to our Voting Hotline (1-888-WEVOTE-2).

Common Issues to Watch for:

  • Long lines
  • Problems with curbside voting
  • Being asked to show ID to vote (You only need to show ID when registering to vote.)
  • Accessible voting machines not available or not working
  • Eligible voters being turned away from the polls because of their disability

To volunteer during the WeVote2 Day of Action you must:

  • Commit to a two-hour shift of curbside monitoring during early voting on Thursday, October 29 (poll site and time block will be completely up to you).
  • Have access to a computer/tablet or cell phone with reliable internet access;
  • Attend a one-hour online training either Tuesday October 27 @ 6 p.m. or Wednesday, October 28 @ 12 p.m.

Accommodation requests will be handled after the training.


FAQs for the WeVote2 Day of Action

What would I need to do while monitoring curbside voting?

Using your computer/tablet/cell phone, you will fill out a checklist in real time from the site you are monitoring and send it to attorneys and law students monitoring the hotline. This information will alert us of potential problems and we can respond as needed.

All monitoring is contactless, and monitors will be able to select a location at the poll site where they feel safe to observe. You will need to wear a mask, and stay at least 6 feet away from others.

I have never been a poll monitor before. Can I still volunteer?

Yes. Anyone can sign up to be a poll monitor. Before you go to the polls to monitor, you will have to attend a training. The training will give you all the information you need to volunteer on Oct. 29. To volunteer, you must attend a training, even if you have served as a poll monitor in the past.

Do we need to check in with anyone when we arrive or leave?

No, when you document your first car completing the curbside voting, that will notify DRNC that you are on site. You also do not need to notify anyone at the site that you are observing.

What if I have an internet connection problem when filling out the form?

A printable version will be provided. We ask that you enter the information online as soon as possible or, if needed, take a photo and email to We also recommend bringing a car phone charger with you.

If I have any unexpected last minute conflict with my shift, who do I notify?

Kiana Rivers