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Category: Prisons and Jails

person in jail with handcuffs on

Day 8 of 15 | Criminal Justice

Today, nearly 40 percent of incarcerated people report having a disability. DRNC’s Criminal Justice…

Prison cell with hands showing through grate

Suicides in NC Jails Reach All-Time High

Drug-related Deaths, Inadequate Access to Medical Care also Rise FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 24, 202…

Prison cell with hands showing through grate

DRNC’s 2020 Deaths in Jails Report

Record number of suicides in NC jails: Drug-related deaths, inadequate access to medical care also o…

Getting an NC State ID after Prison

DRNC attorney Luke Woollard explains why it is so challenging for people to get an NC ID after priso…

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Dangerous Overcrowding, Deaths in NC Jails Paid by State Program

Disability Rights NC Uncovers Urgent Need for Legislative Fixes For Immediate Release August 16, 202…

Shadow of young man on wall

State Jail Program Tied to Overcrowding

DRNC investigation shows state jail program, SMCP, paid over $40 million 2018-20 to counties for ope…

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Young Adults in Solitary Confinement

The barbaric practice of solitary confinement causes lifelong psychological damage to youth, whose b…

Glass NDRN Advocacy Award to Disability Rights NC in front of trees

DRNC Receives Award for Prison Advocacy

NDRN recognized DRNC for COVID-19 litigation efforts that secured the early release of 3500 prisoner…

Face of Black man sitting in darkness, a shadow across his face, only partial face visible, eyes closed in agony

Racial Disparities in Solitary

Significant racial disparities exist in solitary confinement likely due to implicit bias. The most r…