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Edward Rizzuto

Chair (Central Region)

Ed Rizzuto joined the DRNC Board of Directors in February, 2020. He initially became involved with DRNC in 2017 as a pro bono attorney, providing assistance to clients seeking to pursue discrimination claims with the EEOC. He obtained his law degree and law license in California where he practiced employment, civil rights, personal injury and child abuse law. Since moving to Durham in 2015, Ed has devoted a great deal of his time and energy to embracing, supporting and advocating for North Carolina’s community of people who are blind or visually impaired. Together with a couple of friends, Ed organized Durham’s vibrant and thriving Vision InSights Support and Advocacy Group in 2017. He currently serves on Durham’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission and Durham’s Long Term Comprehensive Plan Outreach Team, both of which he volunteered for to lend a greater voice to Durham’s community of people with disabilities on matters of public policy. Ed teaches self-advocacy, Accessible Technology and Independent Living Skills classes with the North Carolina Division of Services for the Blind. He is a firm believer in the concept that people with disabilities are the best authorities on their own experience and that their voices should be prioritized on matters of public policy that impact them. Ed lives in Durham with his wife, Kennedy; sons, Brendan and Benjamin; daughter, Annabelle; and Seeing Eye dog, Gifford.

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