Alaska (Juvenile Justice): TBI Screening

Yes: State or territory answered when contacted and confirmed either past, current or future projects plans in this area.

TBI Program, Study, or Pilot

Type: Pilot

Agency Providing the Funding: CDC (Center for Disease Control)  Core State Injury Prevention Program (Core SIPP)

Year Provided/Duration: Information Unavailable

Funding Given To: Information Unavailable

System Group

Juvenile Justice


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Information Unavailable

What tool was used?

Still finalizing a screener for the Department of Juvenile Justice youth based on available screeners used in other states.

When is screening done?

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What happens after screening?

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Who Conducted Screening?

Probation Officers


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Information Unavailable

Report findings were extensive and cannot be added as PDF’s to our site. Please submit a request at the link above and we will send the report(s) via email within 24-48 business hours.

Information and Referrals

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Information received through Community Partners.

Their contractor CBIRT (Center on Brain Injury Research and Training) is planning to conduct training with DJJ staff the last week of September 2022 about TBI and how to administer the screening tool. With funding from the Alaska Mental Health Trust and partnership with Alaska’s Educational Resource Agency – SERRC (South East Regional Resource Center), a new position has been created to field DJJ referrals for youth who screen into the pilot project. The new position is currently being hired and is called the Youth Brain Injury Coordinator. This position will be mentored by our CBIRT contractor which coincides with other deliverables such as rolling out a “Return to School” program in Alaska that includes training for education staff about TBI and creating a concussion accommodations form for acute window when a student is returning to school right after a head injury.