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Tag: #StopTortureinNCPrisons

the outline of a prisoner in solitary unit in a prison. He sits in darkness, with only a dim light making it possible to see his form

Help Stop Torture in NC Prisons

Learn about DRNC’s Stop Torture in NC Prisons campaign. *New content.

incarcerated male of color sitting in darkness of solitary confinement.

Minor Infractions Lead to Torture in NC Prisons

In the 4th installment of DRNC’s special series on solitary confinement, Luke Woollard examine…

Silhouette of young adult

Young Adults in Solitary Confinement

The barbaric practice of solitary confinement causes lifelong psychological damage to youth, whose b…

Face of Black man sitting in darkness, a shadow across his face, only partial face visible, eyes closed in agony

Racial Disparities in Solitary

Significant racial disparities exist in solitary confinement likely due to implicit bias. The most r…

image of a solitary confinement cell - plank to lay on, small window, toilet that is also a sink, and small desk attached to concrete wall

Stop Torture in NC’s Prisons

Put a person in that cell. No visits, no phone calls. No books, radio, tv or personal property of an…