Advocacy Through Litigation

Lawyer sorts through her paper clipped documents as she works on lawsuit

The pandemic hasn’t slowed the DRNC team’s work. In fact, the dangers presented by COVID-19 have intensified our efforts. DRNC recently filed three federal lawsuits, demonstrating our use of litigation as an important tool in our determined legal advocacy for people with disabilities.  Three […]

Sample Letter to Request an Interpreter

Woman sitting at an outdoors cafe makes a call on her phone

Sample Letter to Doctor, Nurse or Other Medical Professional Requesting a Sign Language Interpreter Date Business Address Dear [Doctor, Nurse or other Medical Professional]: I am a person with deafness […]

Sign Language Interpreters in Healthcare

Smiling deaf african american girl with ear implant at doctor's office

Advocacy tips for asking your health care provider for a sign language interpreter The first step is to know your rights! The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) says healthcare providers […]

EEOC Charge Process Flow Chart

Black man in wheelchair looks to his left

What happens after you file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)? This flow chart shows a general overview of the possible paths a charge of […]

How to File a Complaint at the EEOC

Young business man with IDD

Introduction If you are discriminated against in the workplace, there are protections for you. You can contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to file a complaint. The EEOC is […]

Your Disability Rights at Work

Black executive woman in wheelchair holds tablet

This information packet will explain your disability rights at work, and help you advocate for yourself in the workplace.

Your Rights in College

Black college student holds notebooks outside by friends

Students with Disabilities Are you a college student with disabilities? Do you have questions about your rights while you are in college? Colleges must treat students with disabilities as equals […]

Stop Discrimination in Schools

young black girl student writes

Stop H247  H247 is an education bill with two provisions that will allow schools to enact discipline policies that discriminate based on race and disability. DRNC, in collaboration with the Education Justice Alliance, sent […]