Assistance Animals in Emergency Shelters

Guide and assistance dog stands next to owner and ramp

Introduction In the event of a disaster, you might need to evacuate. But what about your assistance animal in an emergency shelter? Can you bring your animal with you?  The […]

Service Animals

Blind black man walks with service dog

The only species of service animal recognized under Title II and Title III of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) are dogs and miniature horses.[1] North Carolina state law does not have a similar limitation.[2] Title […]

Sample Letters for Service Animals

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Use these sample letters to advocate for your right to use a service animals in public places, and to report violations. Sample letter for place of public accommodation Date  Dear Business […]

ADA Title III (Public Places)

Man in Wheelchair enjoying Nature with Daughter Girl in Outside zoo park on a sunny day.

What Is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal civil rights law protecting people from discrimination based on disability. It requires public […]

Assistance Animals in Housing FAQ

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Some people need assistance animals to help them with their disabilities. But some homes and apartments have a “no pets” policy. Others don’t allow certain breeds of dogs, or have a pet size limit.

Assistance Animals in Housing

Service dog

Under the Fair Housing Act, tenants and homeowners with disabilities are allowed to have service animals and emotional support animals in their homes/apartments. They can also have them in common areas of a housing complex.

Sample Letters – Assistance Animals

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Reasonable Accommodation Letter to Landlord Template [Date] [Building Manager/Landlord] [Address of Building Manager/Landlord] Re: Reasonable Accommodation Request Dear [Building Manager/Landlord]: I live at [your address]. I am a person with […]