Disability Rights NC is excited to release a series of short stories highlighting the tenacity and prestige people with disabilities showcase through their pursuit of a fully integrated and accessible community.

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Meet Ty Hart

Mellonee Kennedy (DRNC staff) met Ty while he was receiving inpatient care at the hospital. He was in a wheelchair, unable to to walk or form words. When Mellonee walked by Ty, he raised his arm, opened his mouth to speak, but could only make sounds. DRNC staff reviewed Ty’s chart and couldn’t find anything explaining the state he was in.

DRNC worked with hospital staff to successfully discharge Ty back into the community. It was determined being wheelchair bound and unable to talk were the results of extreme chemical restraint. As Ty moved to a nursing home to recover from his inpatient stay, DRNC staff advocated for him to be in an alternative family setting. Ty has resided with the same family for the last 5 years.

Today, Ty is a vital part of his church, works part-time, is involved in the community, and supported by family. Ty continues to connect with DRNC several times a month, and has become a disability advocate fighting for others to share their voice.