Our Voting Team is working hard to make sure people with disabilities have the resources and information they need to vote successfully in this election. We recently got together with Corye Dunn, director of public policy at DRNC, to find out the top 5 voting issues people with disabilities should know about. Check out her list as you prepare to vote in this Election.

The top 5 issues you need to know about before you vote in the election

  1. Voters who live in facilities face strict limitations on who may provide necessary assistance to cast an absentee ballot. But there are resources to help. 
  2. Having a Guardian doesn’t mean that you can’t vote. Voters with a Guardian may vote without the consent or assistance of their Guardian if they want. 
  3. No one is entitled to tell you who to vote for. 
  4. If you are voting in person and need help casting your vote, you can ask anyone to help you. You can bring someone with you or even ask a poll worker to help you. 
  5. If you vote in person and don’t want someone to help you, you can ask to use an accessible machine. Every poll site should have a machine available that makes voting more accessible for people with visual, literacy, and dexterity related needs. 

Learn more about what to do if you have a problem at the polls.