Unsilenced is a nonprofit organization that serves past, present, and future victims of institutional child abuse. One of the largest culprits of this abuse is the Troubled Teen Industry (TTI), a network of unregulated and powerful congregate care facilities that claim to reform youth struggling with mental health or educational challenges. Instead of providing therapeutic services and education to at-risk youth, many young people experience maltreatment, psychological harm, sexual and bodily assault, physical and medical neglect, civil rights violations, and in some cases, hospitalization or even death.

To foster better health outcomes for youth, without placement in the largely unregulated industry, Unsilenced advocates for constructive alternatives that circumvent institutionalization and keep young people with their families and communities. Utilizing education, awareness, community support, and policy change, Unsilenced aims to protect the civil, social, and human rights of youth.

Their comprehensive website includes numerous resources including investigative research, advocacy projects, and extensive records and databases. Please visit the Unsilenced website and delve into an array of valuable tools.