Group Says Home County Should Be Used, Not Prison County

Disability Rights North Carolina (DRNC) is North Carolina’s federally mandated protection and advocacy group for people with disabilities. In light of recent redistricting discussions, DRNC requests leaders to respect and honor the legal rights of all people, including those who are incarcerated. People with disabilities are often relegated to institutional settings, and North Carolina must not reinforce that institutional bias in its electoral processes.

DRNC believes the best approach to counting incarcerated individuals is to treat them as residents of their home community and not as residents of the institution to which they are currently assigned. It is important that people who are incarcerated, many of whom have disabilities, be counted.

The vast majority of people currently incarcerated will ultimately be released and will regain their right to vote. Regardless of whether an individual may legally vote, that person is a human being and is entitled to be counted the same as any other human being.

DRNC thanks the hardworking leaders of North Carolina for their ongoing efforts to create fair legislative districts while treating all persons equally and with respect.