ADAPT to Urge NC to Fully Implement the Landmark Olmstead Decision on the 25th Anniversary of the Historic US Supreme Court Ruling 


June 18, 2024 

National ADAPT is sponsoring a rally in Raleigh on Sunday, June 23, 2024, in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the landmark US Supreme Court decision known as the Olmstead decision. The decision held that people who need services because of a disability have the right to choose community services. The Olmstead decision means choice and opportunity to live in the community instead of forced segregation in institutions.  

Citing concern that Olmstead is not being fully implemented in NC, the ADAPT event aims to raise awareness about the importance of Olmstead and shifting investment from facility-based to community-based services in NC. 

“ADAPT has a long and rich history demanding the rights of disabled people, and we want to raise awareness of our rights, encourage people with disabilities to demand their rights, and build a stronger collective of disabled people in NC,” said Nicky Boyte, a NC organizer for National ADAPT. “We are so excited to boost the energy and advocacy of disabled people through this event.” 

Join Disability Rights NC in welcoming National ADAPT to NC for this important event. The rally will provide an opportunity to learn more about the Olmstead decision, its benefits, and how it can be better implemented in NC. Experts in the field and people who have benefitted from the decision will speak. 

WHAT: Rally for the 25th Anniversary of the US Supreme Court Olmstead Decision 


WHEN: Sunday, June 23, from 2pm-4pm 


WHERE: Halifax Mall, 300 N. Salisbury St., Raleigh, NC 27603 


WHO: National ADAPT, partner organizations  


CONTACT: Nicky Boyte, (910)-357-1292,