What is an Inactive Voter?

An inactive voter is a voter who the county board of elections has not had any contact with for two federal election cycles. After two cycles, you will get a mailing asking you to confirm your address. You will need to respond in 30 day. If you do not respond in 30 days or the mailing is returned by the Postal Service as undeliverable, then your record will be marked inactive.

This list maintenance process is mandated by federal and state law. It removes names of people who are no longer eligible to vote due to death, felony conviction, moving from the county or state, or lack of voter contact. Voter roll list maintenance is important because it helps make sure that ineligible voters are not included on poll books. This reduces the chance for poll workers to make mistakes and decreases opportunities for fraud.

What happens if I end up on the Inactive Voter List?

If you end up on the Inactive Voter list, you will be removed from the voter registration rolls. However, there are ways to add yourself back. The first way is to simply VOTE. The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) does not allow for voters to be removed simply because they have not voted.

If you go to vote and are told you are on the inactive voter list, you will be asked to update your address with the board of elections. Additionally, the voter can update their registration information by returning the confirmation mailing sent by the county board of elections within 30 days of receipt. Any removed registrant must be reinstated if the voter appears to vote and gives oral or written affirmation that the voter has not moved out of the county and has maintained residence continuously within the county.

How do I prevent myself from being added to the Inactive Voter List?

1. VOTE!
You are only at risk of being added to the list if the county board of elections has not had any contact with you for a period of two federal election cycles.
Update your information with the county board of elections in order to remain on the Voter Registration rolls.

Visit the NC State Board of Elections site for more information.