Sometimes our work takes us in unexpected directions as we address the legal concerns of our clients. This is the story of how a quick phone call got Laila’s sick dog a ride to the vet.

Laila called DRNC because she was concerned about the person managing her money (called a representative payee). Among other things, her rep payee wouldn’t help her get her dog Daisy to the vet for an ear infection. But it turned out there was more to the story. Last year, Laila was in a car accident while riding in a taxi cab. She had to be hospitalized for 6 days because of her injuries. While she was in the hospital, this same person went into her apartment and took her dog and cat to the local animal shelter for care. Without the Laila’s permission, the shelter put her cat up for adoption. Because of this traumatic experience, Laila was scared to leave Daisy alone with any one from the animal shelter or to get in a taxi again.

We made a phone call to the county sheriff’s office to see if they could help. A lieutenant volunteered to give Laila’s dog a ride to the vet. Laila felt comfortable trusting the lieutenant, and now Daisy is back home and doing well while we continue to address the other issues Laila called us about.

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