Hispanic Heritage Month, observed in the United States from September 15th to October 15th each year, is a time to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and contributions of Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx communities. During this month, it’s important to recognize and acknowledge the diversity within the Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx population, including people with disabilities. Understanding these intersections can lead to a more inclusive and just society.

Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx individuals make significant contributions to disability advocacy and rights. DRNC recognizes these contributions during Hispanic Heritage Month to educate people about the critical work Hispanic disability activists, advocates, and organizations are doing.

This month DRNC highlights the following:

Isabel Mavrides-Calderon, 18, is a Latina disability justice activist and organizer. Her work focuses on advocating for policy change, accessibility, and anti-ableism. She has hosted numerous campaigns and protests for disability rights bills with the ACLU, Patients Rising, and the Center for Disability Rights. Read more about her here!

Conchita Hernández Legorreta is a disability rights activist and co-founder of the National Coalition of Latinx with Disabilities. As a teacher, doctorate student, and founder of METAS (Mentoring Engaging and Teaching All Students), Conchita advocates for programming and policy changes for people with disabilities in the US and internationally. Read more about her here !

Reveca Torres is the founder and executive director of BACKBONES, a nonprofit that helps people with spinal cord injury or disease (SCI/D) and their families connect with their communities. She was injured and paralyzed in a car accident at the age of 13. After completing degrees in Fashion Design and Theatre Arts, Reveca worked as a costume designer and simultaneously worked with various organizations doing disability work in the realms of health & fitness, transitioning, recreation, education, and peer support. Reveca is also a co-founder of the National Coalition for Latinxs with Disabilities. Read more about her here!