Attention all people in NC with disabilities who are living at home or in a group home, including people on Innovations Waiver Waitlist!  

1915(i) services start July 1. These are Home and Community Based Services (HBCS) that will replace b(3) services for people who already have them and provide new services for others who have significant behavioral health needs, I/DDs, and TBI. 

You must have Medicaid to receive these services. 

They will be nearly identical to the b(3) services, but you must apply for them. Reach out to your Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organization (LME/MCO) to find out if you are eligible. Examples of 1915(i) services are: 

  • Supported Employment
  • Community Living and Supports
  • Individual and Transitional Supports
  • Respite
  • Community Transition


Q: Will I lose my spot on the Innovations Waiver waitlist if I use 1915(i) services? 

A: No. If you are on the Registry of Unmet Needs and are waiting for services, you will not lose your place on the waitlist by using 1915(i) services. 

Q: Do I have to be in a Tailored Plan to get 1915(i) services? 

A: No. The 1915(i) services will be available through Tailored Plans, NC Medicaid Direct, and Children & Families Specialty Plan (CFSP) (upon launch).

Q: Do some LME/MCOs offer different 1915(i) services than others? 

A: No. The same package of 1915(i) services will be available in every LME/MCO and Tailored Plan. 

Q: If I get my services from an LME/MCO or am already receiving b(3) services, will I automatically qualify? 

A:  No. You will need to get an independent evaluation to make sure you are eligible. Ask your LME/MCO for an evaluation.  Additionally, if you are eligible for 1915 (i) services, you are eligible for Tailored Care Management (care coordination). 

Q: What happens to “in lieu of” services? 

A: Nothing. The 1915(i) services are separate from state-funded services and “in lieu of” services like community living.