Please fill out the self-assessment below. You will be asked for your email address but this is only so that you can receive a copy of the completed assessment once you submit it. Your answers will remain anonymous to DRNC staff.

You will be using your submission during the December board meeting, so be sure to save the email with the copy of your completed assessment. We will not have a way to identify the submissions on our end if your copy is misplaced.

Board Self-Assessment

HOW WELL IS OUR BOARD FUNCTIONING? A Simple Self-Assessment for board members

This is for the sole purpose of sending your submission to you via email. Your submission will remain anonymous.
1. If an observer joined the board meeting, she'd know exactly whose meeting it was (the chair's).(Required)
2. Little of our time is spent talking about things that have already happened.(Required)
3. Staff reports and presentations engage us, offering opportunities to ask questions and offer insights.(Required)
4. When we approve the budget, I feel informed and know why I am voting yes.(Required)
5. I feel my voice matters when I raise a question or concern.(Required)
6. The board meeting agenda is well designed so we are talking about things that really matter.(Required)
7. I receive all the board meeting materials at least 1 week ahead of time.(Required)
8. The pre-meeting materials are not overwhelming. They are written not to impress me but to inform and enrich me, and I read them all thoroughly so I am prepared for the meeting.(Required)
9. Sometimes we talk about big problems the organization has.(Required)
10. The board feels comfortable asking the CEO difficult questions about strategy and impact.(Required)
11. I have a clear and tangible understanding of the impact of our work.(Required)
12. The meetings are well-designed, well-managed, and engage me in such a way that I feel bad if I miss them.(Required)
13. I leave board meetings feeling informed and inspired to be a vocal ambassador for the work. I know what to say and am enthusiastic about spreading the good word.(Required)
14. I never feel that we rubber stamp decisions that the staff puts in front of us.(Required)
15. We conduct a formal review of our CEO annually.(Required)
16. The staff communicates with us about accomplishments, stories we can tell, and offers us various ways to be of help to the organization. I don't feel nagged to sell tickets, attend events, or be more diligent about fundraising.(Required)
17. I can clearly articulate the 5 - 7 key annual goals for the organization and how they fit into the overall plan.(Required)
18. When our board engages in strategic planning, it is done so with deep involvement of key board members.(Required)
19. I have been well trained about all the different ways in which I can meet my fundraising obligation.(Required)
20. The CEO has a good sense of who I am, what I bring to the board, and I meet or talk with her/him outside of board meetings.(Required)
21. Our board has effective committees and each committee has a charge and a set of annual goals.(Required)
22. I would never consider checking email during a committee phone call.(Required)
23. I understand what my role as a board member is and I am held accountable by the chair to fulfill that responsibility.(Required)
24. Our board chair knows Robert's Rules of Orders and manages board votes and discussions effectively using them.(Required)
25. I feel that all of what I bring to board service (my experience, my enthusiasm, my professional skills and my insights) add real value to the strategy and impact of this organization.(Required)