Three people working at the farm cafe pose for a picture. The boss is in the center. She is a person in her 30s with medium brown skin, wearing a "farm" cafe apron and smiling. Two white male employees are on either side of her, also wearing aprons and smiling. One of them has glasses and down syndrome.

DRNC’s communications team is working on a new project called “I belong too.” This project lifts up real stories – your stories – about why living in the community is so important to you.

Project ACCESS

a white nurse with mask, and brown hair vaccinates a man wearing a mask and a blue polo in a white car

Project ACCESS is DRNC’s statewide initiative to increase access to vaccines for people with disabilities, including age-related disabilities.

DRNC’s NC ID Project

Man using phone while reading paperwork

About NC ID DRNC is excited to announce that we have officially launched the NC ID Project, a new program designed to help people newly released from prison get an […]

End Abuse in PRTFs

white girl with long black hair in pony wearing red sweatshirt sitting on the floor against her bed in a PRTF

#BringNCKidsHome We want to keep our kids safe and do everything we can to protect them. We want to make sure they have access to education and health care, so they can learn, succeed and thrive.  You would agree […]