This page was last updated  2/11/2021 and a newer version is available.

We know people are worried about getting vaccinated against COVID-19. When the federal CDC changed its vaccination plan, North Carolina did too. Changes were made to the vaccination rollout to get more people vaccinated quickly. States that do not vaccinate people quickly will receive less of the vaccine. There may be more changes coming. DRNC will keep advocating for people with disabilities to get what they need. We will also keep giving you updates as new information becomes available.

Changes to the vaccine plan

It is stressful when the vaccine plan changes, especially for anyone whose is moved to a lower priority group. Your priority group is a response to many shifting factors, not a statement on your value as a person. Pay attention for news that your priority group has changed or can get vaccinated.

CDC releases new research on masks

Masks work by filtering out virus. Materials that filter better make better masks. Medical masks and three-layer cotton masks are good options. Any mask is better than nothing, especially for protecting others, but a better mask gives you more protection.
The CDC released new research on February 10 that found wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask offers more protection against the coronavirus, as does tying knots on the ear loops of surgical masks.

Get a ride to vaccination sites

The state is offering free transportation to vaccination sites for those who need it. People who need transportation to get the COVID-19 vaccine should reach out to their local transit agency. You can find your local transit agency online at NC public_transit.pdf ( Local transit agencies serve all 100 North Carolina counties. Learn more here.

Where we are now

We’re excited that North Carolina is vaccinating thousands of people every week and our COVID numbers are lower. Still, our numbers are high. The lower they are, the faster vaccines will stop COVID in our communities. Stay home if you can and practice the 3Ws to drive our numbers lower.

Vaccine plan for people with I/DD

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in institutions and group homes can get the COVID-19 vaccine. If two or more people with I/DD live and get services together, they can get the vaccine now. People with I/DD who live by themselves or with people who don’t get I/DD services have to wait unless they qualify due to age or work. Many people with I/DD are at high risk of getting very sick. If you have I/DD, get vaccinated as soon as you can.

Vaccine delivery changes

For now, NC will be getting around 140k doses per week. What we are given could change as the amount of available vaccine changes. Most of that amount will be divided up by county based on population and sent to vaccination sites based on their capacity to get people vaccinated.

Equity in vaccine distribution

Some doses of the vaccine will be held back to balance the supply so that enough of the vaccine is available in cities and rural areas and to people of all racial and ethnic groups. Providers have been told to match the racial makeup of who gets the vaccine to the racial makeup of their communities.

Many people with disabilities or health conditions are at high risk of severe COVID complications. Sometimes, this is because of their conditions. Other times, this is because they are exposed to caregivers. Many high-risk people are under 65, but they still need vaccines.

Where to get information

Good information is important. Knowing how to protect yourself from COVID could save your life. Be sure you check things you hear or see on social media against trusted sources like CDC, WHO, and NCDHHS advice, your doctor, research studies, and major news outlets.

A good resource for reliable information about how to stay safe is the Old North State Medical Society. ONSMS is one of the oldest professional associations of Black doctors in the country.