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We believe that words have power. Words can challenge assumptions, and raise awareness. Words can give hope to others.

Call for stories: COVID-19

We know that many disability-related issues have become magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to raise awareness of these issues from the perspective of the disability community. What has your experience of COVID-19 been like? How have things like social distancing and changes (or lack of changes) to policies in hospitals and facilities impacted you? What do you want others in your community to know? This series will explore issues raised by COVID-19. We want to hear from people with disabilities, their family members, or caregivers. If you need an accommodation or assistance telling your story, please contact us. We are happy to help.

Additional details

We welcome stories from people of all abilities. Stories can be as short as a few words. They can be a short video clip. They can also be a picture. We will review all content before sharing it on our site. 

Once we review the content, we will ask you to sign a release, consenting to share your story. All stories will be held confidential unless a release is signed.

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