COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Week of Aug. 3rd

Resources for College Students with Disabilities Best Colleges released several guides for college students with disabilities. In these guides, you will find disability-specific resources, and information on financial aid and scholarships. There is also information on the disability services that

Week of July 6

Updates and Resources ASL Videos providing resources and information on COVID-19: The ADA responds to mandated face masks. This gives examples of accommodations/modifications to face mask policies: HHS Initiatives to Address the Disparate Impact of COVID-19 on African

Complaint concerning the NC Protocol for Allocating Scarce Inpatient Critical Care Resources in a Pandemic

Disability Rights NC files complaint concerning State’s Protocol on Scarce Inpatient Critical Care Resources You may have seen stories in the news recently about discrimination in health care. People with disabilities are being put at the back of the line
The hands of several prisoners gripping bars of their cell

Increased outbreaks in correctional facilities because social distancing is impossible

Increased outbreaks in correctional facilities because social distancing is impossible    North Carolina prisons and jails are petri dishes for corona virus. “COVID-19 will spread like wildfire in our overcrowded, unhygienic prisons, and present a health risk to entire communities,”
Prisoner's hands sticking through prison bars

Social Distancing Impossible in Overcrowded Jails

Social distancing impossible in overcrowded jails: DRNC urges immediate action North Carolina jails are chronically overcrowded, making social distancing impossible. Jail overcrowding breaks down the basic function of the jails, according to the DOJ National Institute for Corrections. In 2018,