Are you looking for more information so you can advocate for yourself?


Our self-help tools include: fact sheets, guides, and videos.  We work to provide information about the rights of people with disabilities under federal and state law so that you can assert your rights yourself.

These resources also offer tips on how to navigate various public systems, how to request accommodations or modifications, and what to do if your rights are violated or you experience discrimination. We also have resources provided by the federal government, state government, and other organizations.

We continue to update the self-help resources and the information on this page.  If you cannot find something you need, please call us at 919-856-2195.

As we work to make our website and these resources more accessible, please visit the Our Work section of our website for a partial list of our available information. Please note that many of our resources apply to a wide range of disabilities.  Therefore, we do not categorize our resources by disability type. 

If you are looking for help outside North Carolina, please visit the National Disability Rights Network to find the Protection and Advocacy Agency that can help you.